Mid-Ohio Valley Walk To Emmaus

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How to Contact
Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus

Please use the following address for all registrations, financial gifts, and traditional correspondence.

Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus
c/o Christ United Methodist Church
301 Wooster Street
Marietta, OH 45750

Our MOVE Board is available to answer any of your concerns or questions. Please read through the chart below to find the Board Member assigned to your area of interest.

2017 MOVE Board

Position Name Phone Number Term
Community Lay Director Colleen Folger 304-652-2685 2014-2017
Asst. Community Lay Director & Communications Chair Jennifer Greene 304-588-0944 2014-2018
Community Lay Director Emeritus Tommy Summers 304-917-8963 2017-2017
Community Spiritual Director Rev. Jim Sallie 304-834-8682 2015-2017
Ast. Spiritual Director Bonnie Smith 740-989-2853 2017-2019
Ast. Spiritual Director Scott McClure 304-615-1864 2017-2018
Ast. Spiritual Director Joe Webb 304-375-7890 2017-2017
Kitchen Co-Chair Sherry Cottrill 304-684-2660 2016-2018
Kitchen Co-Chair Beth Andexler 304-758-4754 2015-2017
Treasurer Brenda Watson 740-336-5968 2017-2019
Worship Chair Anita Rogers 304-659-3337 2017-2019
Secretary Amanda Nichols 304-771-3072 2015-2017
Agape Chair Jessica Kufel 740-434-5688 2016-2019
Registrar Roger Riggs 304-659-3384 2016-2018
Logistics Chair Becki Ferrebee Wilson 304-758-4288 2016-2018
Good Shepherd Co-Chair Crysta Bourdon 740-568-0134 2016-2018
Good Shepherd Co-Chair Jon Bourdon 740-525-3487 2016-2018

divinding line
Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus is chartered with Walk to Emmaus International